Copywriting Deal: A Squeeze-Page Makeover

To state the terrifyingly obvious, these are difficult and trying times for many American companies. While the stock market flirts with its previous highs (the Dow today is above 13,000 again), too many marketers face an uncertain economic future.


Note: Military action against Iran, barring a miracle, is inevitable before the year is out.


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How to Know if YOUR Website is KILLING Your Business

(An older post from a few years back — and still oh so true!)


Just because you build it, and they come… doesn’t mean they’ll stay.


So you’ve got Google adwords, banner ads, co-registration and joint venture deals, postcards, print ads, radio commercials, your mother-in-law and everyone else you can bribe, cajole and threaten, driving traffic to your website.


Yes! You’re an absolute genius at driving traffic to your website.  You’re getting a gazillion hits and unique page impressions—every minute!


You’ve got so much traffic, tying up so much bandwidth, that Al Gore is thinking of producing a new movie about you: An Inconvenient Internet Presence: How one marketer destroyed what I invented.


And yet, despite all your fame and glory… no one’s buying what you’re selling!

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