Google Slaps SEO Professionals

It happens all the time… your website finally secures a starring role on the first page of a Google SERP. And then…




Google “slaps” your website, sending it into virtual purgatory (SERP page 1,398,530 or beyond) – effectively flushing your web-based income down the toilet.


Google’s infamous slaps strike without warning, penalizing websites that somehow offend their never fully-disclosed notion of “correct and proper” SEO.


But now, Google is giving advanced warning that it intends to slap, believe it or not – SEO itself!

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Long-Tail Search is Dead! Long Live Nose-Whisker Search Instead!

Search Engine Marketers are fleeing for their lives!

Once again Google has tilted the axis on which their world spins – precipitating a tectonic plate shift in the magnetic field surrounding SEM.

This isn’t your seasonal Google Slap or climate induced algorithmic shift. This is far worse, something unprecedented. This is: Google Instant.

Sounds like a coffee, doesn’t it?

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