Make Them Laugh or Make Them Buy?


A debate has been burning up the bits and bytes on one of the popular marketing forums. The topic of discussion: Whether or not to include humor in sales copy.


Some of the members argue that humor can be a disarming and refreshing alternative to the caveman approach to copywriting – i.e., bludgeoning the reader into shock and submission with forceful declarations and exclamation points.


Drop the hard sell and take a more friendly and convivial approach, they say. Be sociable, be charming, be funny!


Makes sense. In this declining economy, in this embarrassing political environment who doesn’t need a good laugh? [Read more...]


Why Does Most Sales Copy Lack This Key Element?

(This article was originally published at on July 5th under the title: The Key Element for Successful Sales Copy)


As an experienced marketer you know a winning ad or sales letter, online or off, must provide at least one “shout it from the rooftops” benefit to your target market.


Ideally, this outstanding benefit, typically embodied in your product or service, should be one your competition either doesn’t posses or at least doesn’t advertise in sufficiently loud enough terms.


This benefit may double as your unique selling proposition (USP); it may be part of your offer, in a guarantee, or in the terms of sale.


And ideally, this benefit, as well as your USP, if they are not one and the same, should be positioned as something offered only by you.

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The Email Marketing Nudnik Test:

(Nudnik: Yiddish for pain in the ass, nuisance, pest, a marketer who sends too many emails to his house list)

Okay, so how do you know – without a doubt – when you’re being a nudnik, when you’re sending too many emails to your money pot, your gold mine – your email house list?

Consider the following…

If your email open rate is less than the relative humidity in the Sahara Desert … you’re a nudnik!

If, after every send, your list shrinks faster than cotton underwear in a hot water wash … you’re a nudnik!

If you send five emails in a row and they all say the same thing – but, you change the all-important subject line … it doesn’t matter; you’re still a nudnik!  [Read more...]