Copywriting Deal: A Squeeze-Page Makeover

To state the terrifyingly obvious, these are difficult and trying times for many American companies. While the stock market flirts with its previous highs (the Dow today is above 13,000 again), too many marketers face an uncertain economic future.


Note: Military action against Iran, barring a miracle, is inevitable before the year is out.


So things could become worse, and fast.


And yet, there are countless marketers having an absolute ball. They’re not stressing; they’re grabbing eyeballs and wallets, they’re expanding and growing their bottom line.


So, if you’re a member of the former, and would like to be a member of the latter – I’m willing to offer you, and anyone you refer to this blog, what, going forward, I will call Copywriting Deals.


Which means, from time to time, I’ll be an all-around nice-guy (and not just a wise-ass) and offer to write marketing and sales copy for you at a drastically reduced fee.


And for my inaugural deal…


A Squeeze Page Makeover


I will rewrite your company’s squeeze page (wherein you typically capture a visitor’s email address in exchange for sending them something of value) for just $250.


Now if you already have a nicely performing squeeze page, here’s your chance to split-test yours against mine to see whether or not I can dramatically increase your conversions. Of course, testing is what you should be doing ALL THE TIME anyway.


So here’s your chance to do it on the cheap.


Fair warning: I don’t know how long I will let this deal run – it all depends on how many makeover requests I receive.


Therefore, the word to the wise is: HURRY!




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