These Car Commercials Should be Illegal

Beyond the debate over which mode of marketing is more effective, image marketing or direct response (though I will briefly address that subject, too)…


Why are there no cigarette commercials on TV?


One answer is: It causes lung cancer and it’ll eventually kill you. Okay, score one for our benevolent social mores and representative government.


Of course, smoking also costs health and life insurance companies a fortune – forcing them to pay out billions in claims and benefits.


So, no doubt, they made sure our representative government heard of their powerful and influential displeasure.


These are the same reasons there are no gun commercials on TV. Nor are there any TV commercials selling hard alcohol, though the distinction between hard alcohol and beer and wine escapes me. But it probably has to do, once again, with powerful and influential forces roaming the halls of Congress.


This also might explain why certain car commercials are permitted. [Read more...]


Direct From the Gary Halbert Letter

You’ve got to listen to this recording that was embedded in a letter from the late, great Gary Halbert.

It’s just too funny not to share.

Click here: telemarketer



What’s Wrong With This Picture? Vol 2 The Stauer Chronograph

Stauer Watch

Stauer is a well-known direct marketer selling everything from jewelry and watches to coins and collectibles. The tagline on their website reads: Smart luxuries – Amazing prices.


Their reproductions of fine art can sell for hundreds of dollars, and their rare collectibles can be priced above $1,000.


Most of us though are familiar with their glossy page ads, selling Stauer branded watches and jewelry at a price point typically no higher than $75.


Which brings us to today’s What’s Wrong With This Picture ad critique: Stauer’s Compendium Hybrid watch. [Read more...]


Breaking News: Advertising is Dead!


Don’t agree?


Please ask your wife, husband or significant other — in other words, the nearest typical consumer — to answer the following 7 questions:


  1. Does a mailbox filled with junk mail cause your palms to itch and sweat with nervous and giddy anticipation? Yes or No?
  2. Does viewing “pop-up ads” on your computer curl your toes in orgasmic delight? Yes or No?
  3. Do you suffer from outbursts of violent anger when a TV commercial is interrupted by a TV movie? Yes or No?
  4. Do you prance around the parking lot with ecstatic abandon every time you discover a flyer on your car’s windshield? Yes or No?
  5. Does keeping a phone next to your soupspoon on your dinner table (for fear of missing the next telemarketer’s call) help your digestion? Yes or No?
  6. Do you drink pots of black coffee at 10 pm so you can stay awake to watch 30-minute infomercials at 4 am? Yes or No?
  7. Do you drool at the thought of spending $400 on a Smartphone just so you can see interactive ads on its credit card size screen? Yes or No? [Read more...]