What’s Wrong With This Picture? Vol 2 The Stauer Chronograph

Stauer Watch

Stauer is a well-known direct marketer selling everything from jewelry and watches to coins and collectibles. The tagline on their website reads: Smart luxuries – Amazing prices.


Their reproductions of fine art can sell for hundreds of dollars, and their rare collectibles can be priced above $1,000.


Most of us though are familiar with their glossy page ads, selling Stauer branded watches and jewelry at a price point typically no higher than $75.


Which brings us to today’s What’s Wrong With This Picture ad critique: Stauer’s Compendium Hybrid watch. [Read more...]


What’s Wrong With This Picture? The Gravity Defyer Ad

Click to Enlarge: Gravity Defyer


(This article was originally published at MarketingProfs.com on March 31st, under the title: Worst-Practices: Anatomy of an Awful Ad)


When I saw this ad in a magazine I thought it was a joke, a parody, a satire, a lampoon – anything but what it really is – completely serious.


If ever there was a marketing message completely unaware of the modern zeitgeist, and offensive to boot, this ad is it! [Read more...]