Google Slaps SEO Professionals

It happens all the time… your website finally secures a starring role on the first page of a Google SERP. And then…




Google “slaps” your website, sending it into virtual purgatory (SERP page 1,398,530 or beyond) – effectively flushing your web-based income down the toilet.


Google’s infamous slaps strike without warning, penalizing websites that somehow offend their never fully-disclosed notion of “correct and proper” SEO.


But now, Google is giving advanced warning that it intends to slap, believe it or not – SEO itself!

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Make Them Laugh or Make Them Buy?


A debate has been burning up the bits and bytes on one of the popular marketing forums. The topic of discussion: Whether or not to include humor in sales copy.


Some of the members argue that humor can be a disarming and refreshing alternative to the caveman approach to copywriting – i.e., bludgeoning the reader into shock and submission with forceful declarations and exclamation points.


Drop the hard sell and take a more friendly and convivial approach, they say. Be sociable, be charming, be funny!


Makes sense. In this declining economy, in this embarrassing political environment who doesn’t need a good laugh? [Read more...]


How to Know if YOUR Website is KILLING Your Business

(An older post from a few years back — and still oh so true!)


Just because you build it, and they come… doesn’t mean they’ll stay.


So you’ve got Google adwords, banner ads, co-registration and joint venture deals, postcards, print ads, radio commercials, your mother-in-law and everyone else you can bribe, cajole and threaten, driving traffic to your website.


Yes! You’re an absolute genius at driving traffic to your website.  You’re getting a gazillion hits and unique page impressions—every minute!


You’ve got so much traffic, tying up so much bandwidth, that Al Gore is thinking of producing a new movie about you: An Inconvenient Internet Presence: How one marketer destroyed what I invented.


And yet, despite all your fame and glory… no one’s buying what you’re selling!

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How to Create a Successful Viral Marketing Campaign

On the “Ask a Question” marketing page on I often see the following question: How can I make my <Fill in the Blank> go viral on the web?


It could be a website selling weight loss pajamas … an eBook on fractal theory … a copywriting home-study course … or anything else the marketer wants to promote. [Read more...]