Direct From the Gary Halbert Letter

You’ve got to listen to this recording that was embedded in a letter from the late, great Gary Halbert.

It’s just too funny not to share.

Click here: telemarketer



If You Want to Date My Daughter…

I am not the author of these 10 rules that any young man must obey if he chooses to date my teenage daughter. Nevertheless, I share them with you, in case you have a daughter, too — or choose to date mine.

Think of them as my Holiday gift to you: [Read more...]


Thanksgiving Funnies

turkey cartoon

Every now and then Mendy, aka the wife, forwards me an email she’s received from … well, I don’t want to know where.

Nevertheless, occasionally, they’re actually funny and worth sharing, like the images below.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving. Think of those less fortunate than you; there are many. And expect my next blog post next week.

See you then… [Read more...]