3 Email and Autoresponder Writing Rules for Hard-Pressed, Stressed-Out Entrepreneurs and their Employees

When writing emails, either as a series or as auto responders, if you’re not an experienced direct response copywriter – because you’re the boss, an IT person, or an unpaid summer intern – and have to write them anyway – because you can’t afford to hire a professional, experienced marketing and sales copywriter (ahem!)…


You probably don’t know how to persuade your list to respond positively to your offer(s) more often than not.


Nor do you know how to compel the loyalty of your “converted” reader, so that their lifetime value ($) is infinitely more than the cost of their acquisition.


So first I’m going to tell you the 5 things you should never, never do, and then I’ll tell you the 3 things you must absolutely do when writing emails – if you want to sleep well at night, vacation monthly on tropical white sand beaches, and enjoy the endless love, adulation and affection of your customers, co-workers and significant other(s)… [Read more...]


5 Ways to Tell a Good Copywriter From a Bad One

Kevin K. recently wrote and asked me:


“How would you suggest I evaluate a copywriter?


“I am completely on board that copywriting is a valuable skill but being that I don’t have experience in the field I have no way to determine a $500 writer from a $5,000 writer.”

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Breaking News: Advertising is Dead!


Don’t agree?


Please ask your wife, husband or significant other — in other words, the nearest typical consumer — to answer the following 7 questions:


  1. Does a mailbox filled with junk mail cause your palms to itch and sweat with nervous and giddy anticipation? Yes or No?
  2. Does viewing “pop-up ads” on your computer curl your toes in orgasmic delight? Yes or No?
  3. Do you suffer from outbursts of violent anger when a TV commercial is interrupted by a TV movie? Yes or No?
  4. Do you prance around the parking lot with ecstatic abandon every time you discover a flyer on your car’s windshield? Yes or No?
  5. Does keeping a phone next to your soupspoon on your dinner table (for fear of missing the next telemarketer’s call) help your digestion? Yes or No?
  6. Do you drink pots of black coffee at 10 pm so you can stay awake to watch 30-minute infomercials at 4 am? Yes or No?
  7. Do you drool at the thought of spending $400 on a Smartphone just so you can see interactive ads on its credit card size screen? Yes or No? [Read more...]

How to Write “Hot Button” Sales Copy in the Coming Recession of 2012

There are, as you may have heard, 13 human motivators, or “hot buttons” that inevitably drive sales.


Employ any one, or two of them, in your marketing campaigns, with a deft and artistic touch, and you’ll easily deliver your customers to the precipice – the point at which he or she is presented with an all-important and consequential decision:


To buy … or not to buy.

Yet, use more than one, or at the most two hot button motivators in a single marketing campaign … and more than likely, you’ll lose the sale. [Read more...]