About Barry A. Densa

As a freelance direct response copywriter, online and off, Barry has written marketing and sales copy for some of America’s biggest-name direct marketers, including: Agora, Rodale, Lombardi, Haband, HouseValues, Kate Somerville, Zacks, NewsMax, Martin Weiss, Prosper Corp, Dr. Al Sears, RegOnline, Russ Dalbey, CDMG and KCI.

Industries and markets he’s written for include: information-publishing, investment, health, self-improvement, real estate, retail, e-commerce, computer software, and business opportunity, to name just a few.

And his articles are regularly published in Marketing Profs, ManageSmarter, Copyblogger, Talent Zoo, Cincom, Melissa Data, Target Marketing and many other trade and industry publications.

About the Blog: The Marketing Wit and Wisdom of a Wise-Ass Copywriter

How to Laugh All the Way to the Bank!
The entertaining wit and hard-earned wisdom of veteran marketing and sales copywriter, Barry A. Densa, is on full display in this blog devoted to effective direct marketing techniques and the writing of compelling and persuasive sales copy.

Whether you’re a grizzled veteran marketer or copywriter, and you think you’ve learned everything there is to learn about direct marketing…

Or you’re a newbie just getting your feet wet, and you’re wondering how to pump-up your marketing promotions so they’ll pull in more money faster…

This blog will help you master the selling secrets only the most successful marketers have long-known: the tested and proven selling techniques that transform promotions, online and off, into free-flowing income streams.

Regardless of the business you’re in, the product you sell, the market you sell to or where you sell it, the insights you can glean from this blog will help you easily and quickly turn prospects into customers and customers into loyal, cash-waving fans!

But Be Warned

These are not politically correct or polite academic treatises on the art and craft of selling via the written word.

While Barry thoroughly explains marketing strategies designed to put money in your pocket, he also heaps unrelenting abuse on failed marketing and selling concepts and practices — tactics and techniques that cost marketers money and customers.

Indeed, he has absolutely no reservations about ridiculing the stupidity and ignorance of some marketers. Nor does he hesitate to use “off-color” language to get his point across.

Yet, when he bellows and loudly declaims, Barry is not being outrageous for outrageous’ sake. He’s merely trying to make you into a leaner, smarter, and more successful marketer the best way he knows how.

Of course, if you find yourself offended by his brutal honesty — just click away.

But for marketers who want to increase their marketing IQ while being thoroughly entertained by a master craftsman with an unparalleled wry and caustic sense of humor, this blog is a fun and indispensable read.

One Reviewer Said…

“Marketing Wit and Wisdom is written in a style that can best be described as a raucous two martini lunch — relaxed, delicious and intoxicating.”

To be sure, there are plenty of wild and uproarious rants and raves in this blog — Barry certainly has his opinions — and all are firmly grounded in what works and doesn’t work in the world of selling and marketing.

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About the other outrageous and unrelated rants, ravings and musings…

Well, what can we say, Barry has his opinions … about a lot of things.

And so do other contributors, who appear in this blog from time to time.

And that’s exactly as it should be.

Marketing and sales does not exist in a vacuum. For marketers to be successful they must be aware of the zeitgeist; they must be aware of the world in which their customers live, work and play. They must hear what their current and potential customers are saying. They must know what moves them to laugh and cry – and most of all, they must understand why.

Before there can be a product, there must be a need – and before a need can be recognized and satisfied, voices and opinions must be heard and understood.

Hopefully, this blog will bring you a few steps closer to feeling the pulse of the market, and of the world.