Google Slaps SEO Professionals

It happens all the time… your website finally secures a starring role on the first page of a Google SERP. And then…




Google “slaps” your website, sending it into virtual purgatory (SERP page 1,398,530 or beyond) – effectively flushing your web-based income down the toilet.


Google’s infamous slaps strike without warning, penalizing websites that somehow offend their never fully-disclosed notion of “correct and proper” SEO.


But now, Google is giving advanced warning that it intends to slap, believe it or not – SEO itself!

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3 Email and Autoresponder Writing Rules for Hard-Pressed, Stressed-Out Entrepreneurs and their Employees

When writing emails, either as a series or as auto responders, if you’re not an experienced direct response copywriter – because you’re the boss, an IT person, or an unpaid summer intern – and have to write them anyway – because you can’t afford to hire a professional, experienced marketing and sales copywriter (ahem!)…


You probably don’t know how to persuade your list to respond positively to your offer(s) more often than not.


Nor do you know how to compel the loyalty of your “converted” reader, so that their lifetime value ($) is infinitely more than the cost of their acquisition.


So first I’m going to tell you the 5 things you should never, never do, and then I’ll tell you the 3 things you must absolutely do when writing emails – if you want to sleep well at night, vacation monthly on tropical white sand beaches, and enjoy the endless love, adulation and affection of your customers, co-workers and significant other(s)… [Read more...]


5 Ways to Tell a Good Copywriter From a Bad One

Kevin K. recently wrote and asked me:


“How would you suggest I evaluate a copywriter?


“I am completely on board that copywriting is a valuable skill but being that I don’t have experience in the field I have no way to determine a $500 writer from a $5,000 writer.”

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Copywriting Deal: A Squeeze-Page Makeover

To state the terrifyingly obvious, these are difficult and trying times for many American companies. While the stock market flirts with its previous highs (the Dow today is above 13,000 again), too many marketers face an uncertain economic future.


Note: Military action against Iran, barring a miracle, is inevitable before the year is out.


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